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YouTube will offer paid subscriptions, similar to Twitch.

YouTube will offer paid subscriptions, similar to Twitch. 

Launching on Wednesday, YouTube will allow fans and creators of its platform to gift each other with paid channel subscriptions. Famous streamers today announced the availability of the feature on Twitter, who are excited about the new monetization tool.

Gift subscriptions 

 A popular feature on Twitch is the main competition for YouTube gaming. Streamers benefit from subs to monetize their content and build their communities.

It has long been requested by Youtubers, and now it has finally been given to them. YouTube Japan was the first to test this feature earlier this year for a select number of channels.

However, in the US and the UK, gift subscriptions are still in beta and will be available. To all YouTube gaming users in the coming months.


will have to pay $ 4.99 per month to subscribe to the channel. This will give them access to user badges, emoticons, and other special content created by many creators.

According to The Verge, YouTube Gaming is cloning many touch features this year, such as live redirects that enable streamers to send fans to other streams or premieres.

Twitch is still the largest US-based platform. For live streaming and YouTube Gaming does not have such a large audience. However, that can change drastically because many of its popular streamers have become platforms for YouTube gaming.

It may not help that Twitch’s new monetization model will only give their streamers a small cut in revenue from subscriptions, which, according to a Bloomberg report, have stood at 70% from the last 50%.

YouTube Gaming

 However, deducts 70% of its revenue from streamers. Over time, their audience may grow larger with their high monetization offer.

In fact, YouTube has encouraged big tech names like Sykkuno, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and Ludwig to stream exclusively on their gaming platforms.

Membership Gift: How to try out the features?

YouTube noted that the subscription gifting beta will be accessible to “a small group of creators,” and will be available to anyone in the next several months. Content creators who are interested in testing a feature will need to fill out a Google Form.

To receive a gift, it will only be available to viewers using a desktop browser window. Buying a gift subscription on mobile is not yet available but YouTube plans to make the full launch of this feature accessible.

“With Subscription Gifting, your channel members can purchase a set number of channel subscriptions [5, 10, 20] in a single purchase that YouTube will gift to other viewers in your live stream,” said YouTube.

In addition, viewers who subscribe to the gift will have one month. To access the creator’s channel subscription benefits such as “loyalty badges, custom emoji, and more” for free.

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