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Yabo Sports has become the official sponsor of Manchester United and Leicester, and has appeared in the English Premier League!

Yabo Sports has become the official sponsor of Manchester United and Leicester, and has appeared in the English Premier League! 

The long-awaited big five leagues in Europe kicked off one by one, and yabo亚博体育, a popular entertainment platform in Asia, became the official sponsor of Red Devils Manchester United and Leicester and the Asia regional partner in Asia. New season! This cooperation! Yasport aims to enhance its global visibility and influence by collaborating with well-known international events; Yasport will also help Manchester United and Lecce through its influence in Asia and various media channels. Sturt Club is promoting the brand, so as to achieve win-win cooperation. In the new season, the two parties will conduct deep cooperation in various fields. Such as competition events, sports event data, brand promotion and offline activities.

In recent years, Yabo Sports has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known teams and leagues in the five major European leagues

As a well-known brand of sports events and sports entertainment in Asia, Yabooli Sports has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known teams and leagues in the top five European leagues in recent years, and signed football legend Hernan Crespo as its spokesperson in 2018. It also confirms the sponsorship agreement with Premier League team Manchester United. This time on the competitiveness and influence of the Yabo Sports brand in the industry.

As the biggest giant of the English Premier League. The top football league in the world, Manchester United is one of the most successful and influential football clubs. In the world. In the team’s history, Manchester United won many domestic and foreign championships, and won many world stars. Such as Beckham, Scholes, and the Neville brothers. Today’s soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo also played in the team. It is enough to prove the competitiveness and global influence of this team.

The companies that have reached deep cooperation with them are mainly world famous companies.

At the same time, Manchester United won a total of 20 Premier League titles, 11 FA Cup titles and 4 Premier League Cups in history. On the European scene, Manchester United have won a total of 3 Champions League titles. The European Cup Winners’ Cup once and the European Super Cup once. Regarding this sponsorship partnership, Yabo Sports Vice President said: “Our partnership with Manchester United will showcase Yabo Sports’ high-quality products and services to fans of the world’s most popular and widest sports club.” We are confident that this partnership will further shape the Yabo sports brand globally, and attract more sports fans who are passionate about the brand, who crave cutting-edge innovation and who dream of making the world a better place. As an important part of the partnership, we will fully support the development of the Red Devils Manchester United and look forward to their new achievements. There is no doubt that Manchester United has always demonstrated excellence in many areas, which is in line with our values, and. At the same time as our rapid expansion into emerging markets around the world!

Yabo Sport is a popular sport and entertainment brand in Asia, and its users are also the best fans in Asia.

Regarding this collaboration, Manchester United said: “As a well-known sports and entertainment brand in Asia, Yasport users are also the best fans in Asia, and many of them are fans of Red Devils Manchester United. As the Asian partner. From Manchester United, this cooperation Greatly proves the two parties’ strong cooperation intent and high confidence in each other. I believe that Yabo Sports’ brand influence will make the Manchester United brand more global, and I also believe. That Yabo Sports’ brand joining the club will definitely bring good luck to Manchester United’s footballing performance. In the 2019-20 Premier League season, while sponsoring. The Red Devils Manchester United, China Sports also reached a sponsorship cooperation with the Premier League Leicester City.

Yabo Sport has also reached a sponsorship agreement with the Premier League, Leicester City.

The main reason why Leicester exists is that the city of Leicester has tremendous development potential and a steady spirit in the arena, which is in keeping with Leicester’s brand mood. Leicester City finished ninth in the league last season. After Rodgers took over, the team’s mental outlook changed a lot. Leicester City is expected to achieve even more success this season. At the same time, Leicester City is also interested in Yabo Sports’ wide influence in Asia. To develop and expand the influence of the club’s brand. In the 2019-20 season, Leicester City will also conduct in-depth cooperation with Yabo Sports in sports data, competition events, brand promotion and other areas.

The 2019-20 Premier League season started on August 11, Beijing time.

In the last home game between the Red Devils Manchester United and Leicester. I think interested fans who watched the match have spotted it. The familiar Chinese ads appearing on the sidelines, Yabo. physical education. Appearing in the Premier League. In the new season is a new brand-breaker for Yabo Sports in the top five European leagues; the sponsorship of Manchester United and Leicester has also taken Yabo Sports to an unprecedented level in terms of event partners!

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