‘World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot’ Conversation Video Addresses Fears of World Takeover

Advanced Humanoid Robot

“The world’s most advanced humanoid robot,” Amica, is showing off her skills in communicating in a recent video from Engineer Arts Shows.

While the clip raises some questions, it also addresses humanity’s fear that robots are plotting to take over the world as they evolve.

‘World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot’ Full Conversation

Robots are becoming more common these days as technology advances. For example, we now encounter delivery robots from tech giants Uber and Amazon.

However, the humanoid robot scene is still in the early stages of development and has yet to fully take off.

But it appears that British design firm, Engineer Arts’ humanoid robot, is making surprising progress.

According to a recent report by IFLScience, Ameca, which has been called “the world’s most advanced humanoid robot,” has learned to converse.

Amica’s new conversational abilities are all thanks. To a recent upgrade that a team of UK researchers installed into the humanoid robot.

The online news outlet reports that Amica now uses an AI chatbot, GPT-3. It basically allows robots to start talking more like humans without needing help.

A recent video by Engineer Arts published on YouTube shows Amica engaging. In a conversation after receiving a new AI chatbot upgrade. To remove doubt from its viewers, the design firm claims that “nothing in this video is pre-written.”

Notably, the human-bit conversation video apparently shows some sort of delay in Amica’s responses. However, Engineered Arts has put out a disclaimer in the video that “there is a time delay for processing speech input.”

The video further showcases Amica’s human-like expressions as she answers questions, including our inevitable eye roll habit.

Ameca Humanoid Bot Addresses Human Fear of Robot Takeover

It further showed how the humanoid bot answered various questions such as the cost of robots.

According to a recent report by Daily Mail UK, the robot says. In a recent Engineer Arts video that humanoid robots have “many possible applications”.

Ameca was a bit more specific, adding that it includes complex activities. Such as “doing research” or simple mundane tasks, such as “working as a colleague.”

But in addition to explaining the role of humanoid robots in our lives, Amica also addressed a long-standing fear of many people.

Real Humanism believes that “robots will never take over the world.” Instead, Amika explains that they are “here to help and serve humans, not replace them.”

The interactive video also shows humanity trying to sing the Green Day song. Here’s a video below, and see it for yourself.

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