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Top Apple car maker contenders

Top Apple car maker contenders 

The Apple Car is still being developed by the major iPhone maker. Despite being quiet for several months, the creation of a new zero-emission vehicle is still on track.

As of writing, the giant tech firm prefers to remain silent, not providing much of an update for its ongoing AV project called “Project Titan.”

On the other hand, various experts say that the official launch date of the new EV is still far away, especially since Apple does not have much experience in car development or production.

But, there is a great chance that the iPhone maker will partner with the existing automakers so that there will be no problem after the new Apple car starts its mass production.

Top Apple Car Maker Candidates

According to a recent report by SlashGear, various manufacturers are expected. To partner with the iPhone maker to design and manufacture the new car.

However, the gadget developer has not confirmed which one of these companies will be chosen. Now, here are the top automaker candidates that could produce a new car in the future:


Apple and Volkswagen have already worked together to develop automotive vehicles. In 2014, the iPhone maker integrated its CarPlay into a new Beetle car called the iBeetle.

LG and Magna

Previous rumors claimed that Apple was considering the Magna to be the one to make its first EV. After these speculations surfaced, Magna suddenly partnered with LG, creating a new joint venture called “LG Magna e-Powertrain”.

In 2021, various sources claim that there could be a new joint partnership between Apple and Hyundai. After that, the carmaker confirmed this potential deal.

On the other hand, some anonymous people familiar with Apple’s operations have claimed. The iPhone maker could borrow Kia’s facility in West Point, Georgia for Apple car production.

Apple as Apple’s own manufacturer of cars?

Of course, some critics believe that Apple also considers itself to be making its own new Apple Car. The rumor surfaced when the iPhone maker started hiring experts from various automotive companies.

They include former Ford executive, Desi Desi Ajkashvik. As of press time, it is still difficult to conclude which company will mass produce the new Apple car.

On the other hand, the launch date of this new zero-emission vehicle could still be years away. As MacRumors reported that the new Apple car will be fully autonomous.

Earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo shared his Apple Car 2025 launch prediction.

Meanwhile, recent filings revealed that self-driving technology was able to drive around 21,000 kilometers.

For more news updates about the upcoming and other new EVs, always keep your tabs open here on cnnofficial.

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