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Tips to Protect Yourself Against Crypto Scams

Tips to Protect Yourself Against Crypto Scams 

In the age of cryptocurrency, avoiding Crypto Scams at all costs not only saves you money but also the theft of time and identity. Although crypto is fundamentally extremely secure, people will still try to use sophisticated technology to keep you in the wrong places, or your money. Here are some tips to protect yourself from crypto schemes.

Where you buy

Where you buy, or one of my cryptocurrencies is one of the most important initiatives to avoid cryptocurrency schemes. There are several trusted places to invest in cryptocurrency, such as sites:




The Wizard

And even though Venmo.

These channels are all safe and reliable places to buy or trade Crypto Scams. However, it is surprisingly easy to find websites that trade on cryptocurrency, and are even exposed as fraudulent apps. These intermediaries may end up taking your money, but give you no legitimate currency or currency in exchange.

“If you see a website that has a lot of good-for-you business deals or prices, these are probably the best ones. Pay attention to reputable, certified websites like the ones above, and carefully consider any Investigate the business medium that you are. Unaware of buying. ” – Anthony Chan, CEO, and Co-Founder of CloudForecast

If a host, platform, or agent is trying to get you to buy in, they may be trying to get you to avoid research.


Learn how to find phishing schemes. A phishing scheme may come in the form of email, text messages, or phone calls. Usually, someone will claim to manage your account, claim to be a government agent, or possibly expose anyone to the crypto trade.

“Regarding the cryptocurrency industry, phishing schemes target online wallet-related information. Specifically, Crypto Scams are interested in crypto wallet private keys, which are keys that require access to funds within the wallet. Their way of doing things is similar to that of a standard scam – they send an email lead holder to a specially designed website that asks them to enter private key information when the hackers get this information. , They can steal the cryptocurrency contained in these wallets. – Casey Murphy, Avoid Cryptocurrencies

“If you receive a call from someone suddenly asking for something private to trade, they are almost certainly trying to get you on the hook with a phishing scheme. Do, and keep your personal keys and information securely. ” – Alex Wang, CEO of Amber Fund

To do

We’ve already talked about trusted URLs and websites for buying and trading cryptocurrency, but one thing to keep in mind is spoofing.

Spoofing is when one website tries to duplicate another. You are probably trying to trade on Crypto Scams that are actually identical to a website, but with the wrong URL. Make sure to check the URL of each website you trade. You should also make sure there is a lock icon to the left of your search bar. This icon means that you are on a secure website.

Any webpage lacks this icon, you should not trade cryptocurrency, let alone provide personal information.

Fake ICOs

Offering an ICO, or securities, can be an exciting opportunity for any cryptocurrency investor or hobbyist. These ICOs are basically the first release of a new currency. They still have no market value, so they can be cheap, and possibly just have room to grow.

One of the easiest ways for you to get scammers is to offer fake initial coins, ICOs that never run out, ICOs at high rewards, or even steal ICOs,

These ICO theft schemes are incredibly common, and they are the ones most likely to fall for investors.

“Although some of the ICOs have received huge returns for investors, others have been fraudulent. In fact, you could say that the schemes associated with ICOs are the black sheep of the crypto-asset industry, and they are pretty diversified. ” By Toshindra Kumar Sharma, in A Comprehensive Guide To ICO Schemes And How To Identify Them. Blockchain Council.


While this may not be the most common scheme, blackmail is something to look forward to. Someone may call or email you claiming that there is evidence against you of any minor crime, up to your Web History, or even something like tax fraud. They will demand that you provide them with a crypto trade to avoid counting this information.

This is a federal crime and should be reported to the state or federal agencies immediately. If someone is trying to blackmail you for cryptocurrency, do not respond, and go directly to the reporting.

Keep yourself safe

“Educate yourself regularly about cryptocurrency schemes and how to avoid them. People are constantly looking for new ways to try to steal your money, your money, or your personal information. While it may be scary. It may sound crazy, it doesn’t have to be. When you are educated, take the necessary precautions to protect your blockchain currency. ” – Brett Sons, Life Goal Investments founder

Many trading websites have resources to protect themselves from crypto schemes ( is a good example), and every few weeks the search for crypto schemes will keep you updated on the environment.

take your time

A good rule with any new crypto purchase or trade is to take your time to make sure it is secure. As it has already been said, if they are trying to trick you, they are trying to scam you. Take time to research anything new or unfamiliar, and discuss the opportunity with someone you trust – especially when it comes to something like an ICO.

“Taking the time to think logically through crypto trading and goals will serve you well in the long run.” – Loic Claveau, CMO of TakeUs!

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