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The NASA Insight Mars Lander will be updated

The NASA Insight Mars Lander will be updated 

NASA will hold 2 major media teleconferences. EDT (11MPDT) on Tuesday, May 17th, to provide an update on the agency’s InSight Mars Lander.

The conference will be led by members of the mission team. Who will present InSight’s scientific achievements, details on its power status, and plans for the future of the spacecraft.

Discussions will include key NASA figures, including:

Lori Glees, Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington

Bruce Bernard, InSight Principal Investigator, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California

Kathya Zamora Garcia, Deputy Project Manager at InSight, JPL

NASA noted that in order to participate in the call, the media must RSVP to Rexona Visa: [email protected], three hours before the event begins.

The space agency will live stream the teleconference on its website.

Mars Monster Earthquake

The announcement came after Lander detected only the largest earthquake on another planet, a monster earthquake that hit Mars on May 4, recording a magnitude of 5.

Discovery is a notable feat for the mission team as they are expecting the “big one” in the long run. Recorded earthquakes add to the list of more than 1,313 earthquakes InSight has discovered on Mars since its inception.

The strongest earthquake was recorded on August 25 of last year and the magnitude was 4.2.

It is worth noting that earthquakes of magnitude five are considered. Only moderate magnitude earthquakes compared to those which occur on Earth. However, the scientists note that it is close to the upper limit, and it is important for them to know more about the entropy of the red planet.

All about Insight Lander: Will it continue?

Insight was launched in 2018, in particular, as it launched in the Elysium Planitia. On the eve of the Letter of Mercy in a wide-scale clock. The lander is equipped with highly sensitive seismic measurements made by the French Space Agency CNES.

This tool enables geologists to look at and study the distant Earth’s tidal waves through the Earth.

It also allows them to determine the depth and composition. The geological layers of the red planet for their observations on Mars with their current knowledge of the seismic waves that occur on Earth. General Chat Chat Lounge

In its nearly 1,300 days, Insight has already recorded more than 1,313 markups. The spacecraft’s main mission was already over in 2020, but NASA has continued its mission today.

One of the problems that the lander is facing is that it is struggling. To get enough solar energy to keep working. In fact, a local dust storm forced the spacecraft back into safe mode. In January and raised issues about how long the mission could continue.

Last May 7, Lander was once again hit with dangerously low levels of power, according to

Next Tuesday’s teleconference will determine whether InSight is still fit to reside on Mars.

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