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Tesla Model 3 Electric Tank Created by YouTubers!

Tesla Model 3 Electric Tank Created by YouTubers! 

A Tesla Model 3 Electric Tank was created by the YouTube group, The Real Life Gauge.

Tesla Model 3 Electric Tank Created by YouTubers! Here is what this off-road AV looks like
The Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest model of the big EV maker. Although the automaker is offering customization features for its electric car users, some people are not satisfied with the regular EV.
Some of them make cheaper electric vehicles than usual. On the other hand, others prefer it with more ground clearance.
Now, The Real Life Guys YouTube Group has decided to take the customization of Model 3 to the next level. Here is what an EV tank looks like.

Tesla Model 3 Electric Tank Created by YouTubers!

According to the latest Electrek report, the new Tesla Model 3 tank has the largest chain track. Because of this, the sorted version weighs about six tons.
Tesla Model 3 Electric Tank Created by YouTubers! Here is what this off-road AV looks like
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Based on The Real Life Guys’ official YouTube post, adding a giant tank track makes the Model 3 even more impressive when it comes to physical design.
You could say that it can actually be used to compete in monster truck competitions.
The YouTube group stated, “We are building extremely offshore Tesla, with wide chains. For the past four weeks we have been working on this project day and night, “said the YouTube group.
However, The Real Life Guys will not actually receive this customized Tesla Model 3 without the help of Auto Hero, without the funding of a used car salesman project.
If you would like to see more details about the new EV tank, you can watch the following YouTube.

Tesla makes its own custom EV taxi

While others are focusing on customizing EVs to build off-road zero-emission vehicles, Tesla is working on customizing its robotics.
The new AV maker says the new robotics development is one of its best projects. Forbes said the new Tesla Robotics will come from the company’s existing electric car units.
The auto makers have explained that they will convert returning EV units into their robotic aircraft. What makes these new electric taxis so small is that they don’t actually have pedestrians and steering wheels.
Previously, the Tesla CPU overheated as a result of a CPU overheating problem.
On the other hand, the issue of the Tesla Model 3 performance track mode also forced the EV maker to recall up to 48,000 units.
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