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RapidSOS Login Portal

RapidSOS Login Portal 

QuickSOS Portal Emergency Interface

Welcome to RapidSOS Login Portal. Email Address (This is your Login ID) Password. Forgot Password? Log in New to RapidSOS Portal? sign up. v4.0.2-11…
An emergency interface for the RapidSOS portal
The RapidSOS portal uses a secure browser connection and does not require any new hardware or software. Any accessible ECC can use the RapidSOS portal, regardless of which call, CAD, or mapping applications they currently use. Learn more about the RAPIDSOS platform.

The Future of Emergency Data Platforms

Instant access to all data sources: With the RapidSOS portal, agencies can quickly access new data sources available to RapidSOS Clearinghouse, including Apple, Google, and Uber. We are constantly adding new sources of emergency data to the situation, recently partnering with MedicAlert to connect more than six million members to 9-1-1 to connect life-saving health data.

Author. And Certifications | RapidSOS Developer Portal

These credentials are used to sign up for specific integration with the product to enable access to the RapidSOS portal. Certificates are managed through the administrative module in the Rapid SOS Portal. Option 1 – RapidSOS Portal Account Without Customer.

Join the RapidSOS Integration Program

If you already have a RapidSOS Portal account, click here to log in to C Click on the Admin tab in the upper right to access the application form. Need an account? If you do not have a RapidSOS portal account, click here to sign up for an Admin Account. The question If you have any questions or issues, email [email protected]

RapidSOS Portal Operationalization Guide for PSAPs …

The RapidSOS Portal is a 100% free, easy-to-configure, and zero-resolution solution, which makes many agencies the first tool to access life-saving emergency data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. Whether you are planning to use the RapidSOS portal or have recently signed up, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to running your PSAP ۾ RapidSOS portal.


PSAP Identifier RapidSOS provides a unique identifier for your PSAP. Already have an account? …
Integrating with RapidSOS | RapidSOS Developer Portal
Integrated RapidSOS Portal – If you intend to use the Integrated RapidSOS Login Portal review the Authentication Token API (ERP) “How-To” documentation that allows users to request sign-in tokens.

Rapid7 – Login

Sign in to your Insight account to access your platform solutions and customer portals. Email. Your username is the e-mail address registered to your account. password. Need help signing in? Need help signing in? Your account has not been activated? Help; Not a customer? Try it for free.

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