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Interview with Michael Bubble: The Modern King of Contemporary Pop Music

Interview with Michael Bubble: The Modern King of Contemporary Pop Music 

Four-time Grammy-winning music superstar Michael Bubble talks with Marcus Papadatos. The Digital Journal about his upcoming studio album “Higher”, which will be released on March 25, 2022, via Warner Records / Reprise Records.

US Army General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell once said. A dream does not become a reality through magic. It requires rock, determination, and hard work. Michael Bubble is an artist and individual who reflects on this quote from the Wise.

Song selection for ‘high’ LPs

“Higher” is composed of three bubbly songs and contains many standards. Such as Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine” (Produce by McCartney), Bob. Dylan has “Make You Feel My Love,” Smile (where he joins a gospel choir), “Crazy”, where he collaborates. The Country Music Hall of Famer Willie Nelson, and Sam Cook’s own production “Bring it.” on Home ”to me.”

On the song selection style for his new LP, Bubbles said, “I delivered it with great difficulty and a lot of love. The truth is that the strings in this record are my voice, but even more important is the fact that I just don’t like these songs, I love these songs and I can’t wait to sing them for this record. General Chat Chat Lounge And for the rest of my life. “

Favorite song on ‘Higher’

Referring to his personal favorite songs on this album, Bubbly said, “I tell you, this is a record that goes awry. I’m really I am thankful for all the people I worked with, and for being a part of the universe. My favorites are ‘Bring it on Home to Me’ and I love ‘Crazy’, Diet with Willie Nelson. Also, from the pop songs I’ve written, I’d say ‘Higher’ is my favorite.

Bubbly praised the song “My Valentine” for being “very beautiful” and “smiling” for being “very passionate”. Logically, ‘Smile’ was a very difficult song to put together. It wasn’t just about managing the best and implementing one great concept, it had the ability to put 130 people in one room with the COVID protocol. There were a few places where we could do that and we did the Fox Newman Scoring Stage here in Los Angeles, and they allowed us to put a lot of people in one room, “he said.

His most recent studio project was “Higher” created by Greg Wells and Bob Rock

With Alan Chang, Jason “Spacey” Goldman and Sir Paul McCartney. This marks his first studio album in three years, and this is followed by his most successful two-year international tour “One Evening With Michael Bubble.”

Producer Greg Wells described the bubble as a “great dance partner.” “Michael gives me a lot of credit but I give him my confidence to work with the new team. He’s a wonderful hit maker,” Welles said of Bubbly.

“Ever since I’ve worked with him, he has been the most focused and impressed Michael,” added producer Bob Rock. “He understood the record he wanted to make. He looked clear. As we started, he pushed his neck out so that each song reached the place he was playing in his head.

“Hyder” also follows the 10th major hit with his seminal “Christmas” album, which continues to sell and sustain millions and billions. As a result, the resonant sound of the bubble has become synonymous with the winter holiday season.

Speaking of his most recent tour, “An Evening with Michael Bubbly. It was racked up by more than a million fans worldwide.

As an actor, Bubbly has had tremendous commercial success over the past two decades, with shows sold in more than 30 countries as one of the most exciting global touring artists.

I will never love you

His first single, “I’ll Never Love You,” finds the multi-award-winning hitmaker at the top of his voice and creative powers. Bubbly wrote the song along with Michael Pollock. 

Bubbly delivers his love letter to the film in a charismatic cinema video for his latest No. 1 most-included mainstream AC single “Idol Never Come Down”. The video, under the direction of Andrew Donohue, shows Bubbly and his wife, Argentine actress Louisiana Lopilato, lovingly portraying key love scenes and wonderful moments from many famous films.

“I Will Never Love You” is a continuation of his previous music video, his biggest No. 1 hit, “Havenn’t Meet You Yet” and shows Bubbly once again daydreaming at a supermarket.

“This video was a labor of love, and again, it was a possibility,” said Bubbly. “Everything about this record was great, but it wasn’t easy to do. I was passionate about making a video with my wife, and I was passionate about singing my life story.”

The idea of falling in love with this incredible person 15 years ago, making this video 14 years ago, and creating a cinematic universe where we surprised people with sequels. Many people were unaware that this video was a continuation of “Hunt Meat You.” On top of that, it was a wonderful opportunity for us, and it’s a great way to announce that we are expecting our fourth child, “she explained.

“I’ll Never Love You” is available at Digital Service Providers by clicking here.

On the subject of the present chapter of her life, Bubbly revealed, “Satisfied. “Satisfied, fearless, and I can breathe again,” he said.

Digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, Belle said, “I feel like things have changed a lot. When I started as a musician with Michael Bubble at the age of 16, I was still the keystone, and before that, It was a record and an 8-track, so of course, the big CD came out and it was fun, and then it went digital.

“I think the digital age has shown us that there are different ways to consume music but the hunger for using music has only increased. Creating an album is more difficult because people don’t listen to the album, but it’s interesting that the original album is coming back. It’s a fact that I think people still want to put something in their hands, “he admitted.

“One of my favorite things about recording a new record was the pictures, packages and liner notes. They are all beautiful things to read, “he added.

Dream Diet Choices in Music

Bubble listed Kelly Clarkson, Teddy Swim, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars, as his dream tour picks in the music industry. “I think Kelly Clarkson is a wonderful singer. I’m a big fan of hers, “he said.

“Teddy Swim is also one of my favorite singers and he’s a lovely person too. Ed Sheeran is a good friend and a wonderful artist, “he added.

“My dreams have come true. I’ve talked with Cécile McLorin Salvant, and I’ve had the opportunity to sing with Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Barbra Streisand, “she said.

There was Derek

Bubbly praised dancer, choreographer, and multifaceted entertainer Derek Hugh, who appears in his music video “I Believe In You”. “I love this song. In fact, I was in the hospital with my son and at that time, I didn’t even know I had a music video for that song. I was so impressed and so impressed with Derek that I actually called him and we became friends. I asked him to write, direct and choreograph a music video for “Hyper.” Wait until you see it, it’s incredible and the music video is incredible, “he shared.

“In truth, I think Derek is one of the most talented men in America right now,” he added.

Personal life

In his personal life, he is the proud father of three children: Noah, Eli, and Vida (and his latest music video “I Will Never Love” shows that a fourth child is on the way). Bubbly enjoys hockey, fantasy football, kick-ass, and singing. “Now, I’m on TikTok and I’m enjoying it. I find there are beautiful voices. Some of the people who come to you have a true gift at TikTok,” he said.

Bubbly began singing at his family home in Burnaby, Canada at the age of four, and he has never stopped. His renowned breakthrough studio album was released on Reprise Records in 2003.

A series of multi-platinum, chart-topping albums that include “Call Me Irresponsible,” “Crazy Love,” “To Be Loved,” and “Christmas.” His previous album “Love” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 All-Gener charts. Bubbly has sold more than 75 million albums throughout his illustrious music career.

Explain the moments in his career and life

At the defining moment of his career, he replied. I don’t think there is one moment that has not helped to describe me: my failure and my great success. The truth is that I believe in my The more personal moments in life have defined me and they have moved me as an artist.

“My family and I have been through a lot,” he admitted. Everyone in this world has to go through suffering and go through sorrow and loss. One of the things that gives us that perspective is the point, and that point has given me the ability to be grateful. Honestly, I’m grateful for my life and I hope it comes into my music, “he added.

Tips for aspiring musicians

For young and passionate singers, Babli said, “If you love music, you’ve already won. There is no harm in having the greatest romance in the world. Your marriage, love, and marriage to music will never hurt you and it will never disappoint you, you are never alone.

“It’s actually a wonderful way to work through the best and worst things that can happen in your life. I’m passionate for anyone who has a passion for making music in their own life. I think it’s wonderful Is a gift, “he added.

If he had any superpowers, he noted that it would be “healing power.”


In his definition of the word success, the crooner said, “To be true to yourself, to be able to sleep at night, to be able to shine a light, and be honest with yourself, and still feel that you have respect.” General Chat Chat Lounge Myself. It’s a difficult thing to do, it’s hard to be honest with yourself.

‘High’ – An album for fans

For my fans, Bubbly said “Hi”, “I made this album for fans. The truth is 20 years and 70 million records, and I don’t want to say that I am micro-managed but every note that you have is why I am, “he said.

“Although I’m very proud of these records. I want an opportunity for the dentist to go really fresh on Michael Bubble. I don’t want to change the style, I just want them to be a very fresh out. Weiss and the new producers and Paul McCartney worked with Bob Rock, Greg Wells, Alan Chang, and Spacey, and I worked with writers I had never written before, and I used different settings, ” He explained

“I want to give the audience a new impression on my music, but in the end, I get a new tech,” Bubbly concluded.

The new album, “Higher,” is available for pre-order by clicking here.

To find out more about global music star Michael Bubble and his new music, visit his official website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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