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In 2022, here are the 5 most popular blood pressure monitors

In 2022, here are the 5 most popular blood pressure monitors 

When it comes to blood pressure monitoring, it’s important to invest. In a device that can provide years of accurate reading and reliability. In a market full of options, it can be difficult to choose.

A device that is excellent in performance while staying budget friendly. To make a more informed decision, take a look at our recommendations below which include the most trusted brands on the market.

Welch Allen 1500 Series

For those who are looking for a lightweight version. The Welch Allyn 1500 Series is shorter, as well as it is perfect. The cuff has its shape, which means it’s easy to hold in your hand without any virtue.

Perfect for those with limited mobility or who prefer quick setup. Unlike Omron, Welch offers great features through its app that provide insights into the data readout such as any seamless. Unfortunately, there is no local storage on the machines, which means if it does not transfer to your mobile phone, the reading will be lost and you will have to retake the test.

Beaver BM55

A great option for a good home – Beaver can store up. To four user profiles and is a non-free device that doesn’t boast of any Bluetooth features. Just go in and get your exact reads that are clinically confirmed by the average level of their blood level where it reads three consecutively and averages the user, so this gives you the most accurate reading.

Maybe – but reviewers note that their readings always run a little over Beaver. The display is also sharp and clear, as well as you get color-coded blood pressure readings and heart rate recognition.

Withings BPM Connect

The other popular option, Withings, is rated 4.3 stars with over 10,000 reviews. It is supposed to last a long time and a charge means up to 6 months. There is also unlimited data storage and an app that gives you the option to share information directly with your doctor.

Like Beurer, its results are also color-coded to help you understand immediately what your results are. It’s also rather lightweight and can fit quite comfortably in any bag. Unfortunately, many users report inaccurate readings that go a little further and this interface is not very user friendly.

Oxaline Pressure X Pro

Pressure X Pro has received over 10,000 comments over 4.9 stars and is a top-rated option among users for their sensitivity to artery wall vibration that also provides accurate reading and connection features. The smartphone pair can be used for remote patient monitoring, as well as saves unlimited readings.

It also warns users if the cuff is not properly applied or if it indicates irregularities in a patient’s heart rate reading. Pressure X Pro is a highly accurate device thanks to the hospital-grade VIBRA TX sensor and the only device on this list that offers up-to-date warranty.

If you’re looking for something with reliable high performance, you can’t go wrong with Pressure X Pro.

Omron Upper Arm Gold Blood Pressure Monitor

Patients who need a blood pressure monitor are definitely no stranger to this brand. They have everything from budgets to high performance products such as their Gold Blood Pressure Monitor.

This one is especially great for heavy duty users, but the down side is that it only supports two user profiles and doesn’t have the best Bluetooth performance. The downside is that the results are fast and accurate, it’s easy to use and the display is well lit and clean.

Also, it only needs four AA batteries to operate, which are included in the package.

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