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Health Carousel Spearheads Global Nurse Sustainability Investments

Health Carousel Spearheads Global Nurse Sustainability Investments 

Health Carousel is one of the fastest growing and respected providers of healthcare solutions and workforce solutions in the world. In 2021, the Cincinnati-based company Health Carousel partnered with the Philippines.

To implement a year-long training and recognition initiative that successfully helped. The professional development of nearly 2,000 nursing students and helped them nurse the Philippine Regulation Commission. Assisted in the preparation and passing of the licensure examination. NLE). Successful completion of the exam enables students to practice as registered nurses (RNs) in their home country and beyond.

The startup results were excellent. Students who participated in the NLE Master Class Training succeeded in the Examination overall test at a much higher rate than average. 86% of all masterclass participants passed the test only 57% of all test takers. Some of the participants were also on the prestigious Topnotchers list, representing students with the highest exam scores.

In the end, several hundred more students were able to pass. The exams and became licensed RNs nationwide thanks to their participation in two NLE masterclass programs. 

Introducing Health Carousel, LLC

Health Carousel was established in 2004 to address the chronic shortage of qualified healthcare professionals in the United States. Over the past two decades, the healthcare industry has faced one of the biggest challenges which have led. To negative consequences for providers and patients, including overwork of existing staff. Longer waiting times for patients, Human error due to fatigue, and pre-retirement planning Health Carousel’s mission is “to improve lives and improve health care work. It is our vision that every patient in the United States should have access. To a qualified healthcare professional when and where they need us.” Healthcare needs through practical solutions. “

In addition to supporting an ongoing pipeline of qualified healthcare professionals. To meet growing demands, Health Carousel provides strategic clinics, managed services providers (MSPs), and workforce solutions. It also offers healthcare professionals the tools, coaching, and training they need to continue their professional development and find the best career opportunities for them. The company prides itself on being a “Total Talent Management Company” providing a range of global workforce solutions.

Currently, Health Carousel has more than 600 indoor employees and works with more than 3,000 healthcare providers. It has served 8.8 million patients worldwide. The most popular services the company provides include travel nursing and international recruitment.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Health Carousel Travel Nursing offers worldwide healthcare facilities immediately from the shortage of short and long-term staff. Through an extensive network of highly qualified, trusted nurses and other relevant professionals, this program is able to appoint staff wherever and whenever it is needed.

In turn, Health Carousel gives healthcare professionals access to extensive travel nursing jobs across. The country helps them at every step of their journey, from land and certification to travel and accommodation. It also offers the latest technology that empowers travel nurses. To find and apply for thousands of available jobs, either independently or with the help of employers. For those who prefer to work with an employer. The company offers to merge them with one who understands their specialty and personality and works to find them the perfect assignment.

Health Carousel International

Health Carousel International is also opening doors for healthcare professionals to expand their career horizons at facilities worldwide. His signature program is Passport USA, an international planetary service. According to the company’s website, Health Carousel is “the largest network of highly qualified and trusted. Global healthcare professionals are available for interview and selection anywhere. Its growing, sustainable pool of registered nurses, therapists, and Medical technology specialists has an average of eight years of experience, education, and training that exceeds the standard or standard practice in the United States.

Health Carousel International sets the standard for ethical and quality care globally. He is a founding member of the American Association of International Health Care Recruitment (AAIHR) and has received a Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for the Health Care staffing services.

Meeting the Challenges presented by the Pandemic

Agencies that provide services for Passport USA include Health Carousel Philippines, a Philippines Overseas Employment Administration-licensed land agency. Historically, the Philippines has been a leading provider of health care workers in the United States and other countries and has been recognized globally for this unique contribution.

Like other nations, the Philippines was severely affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, resulting in more trade and commerce among healthcare professionals. This health carousel led to a partnership between Philippines and Healthcare, LLC and 2021 NLE Master Class Training. The time to start was right, after several months of epidemic educational problems, including the transition to online learning, and lack of hands-on training. In the clinical setting, and canceled licensure exams. According to the Health Carousel website, “By July 2021. The canceled NLE examinations had postponed enrollment of an estimated 20,000 new Filipino nurses as the global epidemic and nursing shortages increased.”

In addition, U.S.- and Philippines-based organizations provided faculty development training to assist nurse educators to align their teaching methods with an online learning environment; Sponsored the DAISY (Disease-Attacking Immune System) Awards to recognize abnormal nurses in the United States, Africa, and the Philippines; And organized flexible seminars to help nurses cope with COVID-19 epidemic disorders.

The future of a moral and sustainable planet in healthcare

The success of Health Carousel’s 2021 training and recognition initiative has helped the company. In partnership with Health Carousel Philippines achieve. Its goal of provide a sustainable supply of healthcare professionals globally. It is hoped that other global employers will feel the need to be cautious and avoid the elimination of their healthcare resources countries.

Bill Doyle, Co-Founder, and Chairman, Healthcare, LLC, says, “I am not aware of any other company. Whose primary focus is the global movement of healthcare professionals, which is a global sustainability organization for their organization? Has set the standard.

Looking to the future, Health Carousel hopes to continue building partnerships with other governments and educational institutions, especially in Africa and the United States. “Our extraordinary partnership to create a nursing supply in the Philippines is really just the beginning,” says Earl Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer with Healthcare, LLC. “We have some potential … the path to enlightenment and make our nurse’s stabilization activities even more effective.”

Locum Tenens: A Physician Staffing Solutions

In addition to Travel Nursing and Passport USA, Healthcare has built its locomotive tennis division through strategic acquisitions. Locum tenens is Latin for “placeholder”. A locum tennis healthcare professional takes the place of a physician or advanced practitioner when they are absent. They are highly trained, temporary healthcare professionals who meet critical needs.

Health Carousel helps healthcare organizations find innovative and flexible physician staff with quality, speed, and flexibility. According to the company’s website, “Health Carousel provides a flexible workforce strategy that maintains the quality and continuity of patient care. … With the company’s specialized focus teams and integrated digital experience, Manages the Earth, reliability, certification, and onboarding. “

Recent honors received by Health Carousel

Since its founding, Health Carousel has been constantly recognized for its outstanding service and dedication to its employees and mission. Here are some of the honors he has received over the years:

 Revenue promotion

For seven consecutive years, Health Carousel has won the Fast 55 award for outstanding revenue growth from year to year.

For ten years, the company’s name was Inc. Named 5000 – The list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

For community service

For three consecutive years, Health Carousel has received the Medical Mueller Award for Community Service at Cincinnati.

In 2021, the company received an American Staffing Association Career Award for charitable giving and voluntarily giving back to the community.

For client and employee satisfaction

In February 2022, three Health Carousel Travel Nursing brands were added to the list of the top 10 companies in highway hypothermia to meet the needs of travel nurses and other contracted health care specialists.

The company also received the Best Staffing Award from ClearlyRated for providing superior service to its customers and candidates.

Health Carousel was recognized as one of the healthiest employees in Ohio and Texas in 2021, noted for its work site’s dedication to improving health and wellness programs.

For the fifth consecutive year, Cincinnati Business Courier has recognized the company as one of the best places to work in Cincinnati. This program recognizes companies and organizations in Greater Cincinnati that are setting the bar for keeping employees happy and engaged.

For excellent sales and marketing

The company was nominated as a finalist in three categories of the American Marketing Association Pinnacle Awards. The Best Sales Debut (Winner), Best Customer Experience Executive (Winner), and Best Scrappy Marketing Campaign.

While the tariffs are good, the real test for any company is its ability to recover from trouble. The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected many industries, including healthcare. The global crisis has contributed to the already stressed workforce of nurses, physicians, and related professionals. While some organizations have been under pressure, others such as Health Carousel, LLC have made progress by looking for opportunities in Challenges. Thanks to the efforts of the company and their partnership with Health Carousel Philippines, healthcare providers. Around the world are benefiting from the continued access to a vast and sustainable network of educated and trusted professionals who are critical in insecure communities. Ready to travel anywhere to provide services.

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