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Defining the crypto experience and why it matters

Defining the crypto experience and why it matters 

The crypto experience industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is growing rapidly and is constantly looking for new markets to take advantage of the underlying blockchain technology.

The next major step in the development of cryptocurrencies will take place in the field of NFTs.

At first, NFTs were limited to sports highlights and a few digital art collections. But as the digital art world matures with newer audiences and quality projects, it becomes clear that NFT goes beyond traditional art and can be applied to very different use cases. Some are interactive and access-oriented, while others are built specifically for hypergamous and blockchain games.

The rise of NFT has provided a unique platform for creators worldwide to monetize and distribute. Their work on a global scale. However, keeping up with the momentum and staying up to date with everything happening. In the NFT and metaverse space is a challenge for newbies, especially those without crypto expertise.

What is missing right now

The biggest challenge in the NFT and P2E industry today is the lack of a great user experience. With hundreds of new collections launching every day across different markets, collectors struggle to find the best NFTs to add to their collection. At the same time, it’s not possible for creators to fully diversify their exposure to all NFT collectors.

As the NFT space grows and creates new market opportunities on blockchains other than Ethereum, it will become increasingly difficult to track new projects and introduce individual NFT albums. Therefore, it is essential to have a platform that can aggregate data from all existing sequences and improve the detection capabilities of NFTs.

It’s also important not to forget the growing gaming community. Players need a unique dashboard and P2E tools that make NFT gaming more interactive. And for new players, it will be easy to find the top-performing games with accurate on-chain and off-chain data.

In addition to NFT detection and an intuitive user interface, the platform will also unlock staking functionality. This makes it simpler for users to find and bet NFTs on the same platform.

Such a global platform does not yet exist, but things will change with the advent of Ludo.

Ludo – Multi-String Search Engine Simplifies Web Interaction 3

Ludo is developing an all-in-one platform to redefine the crypto experience with a proprietary search engine. It is a creator-centric search engine that can aggregate both on-chain and off-chain data and thus greatly increase the discoverability of the NFT. Thanks to Ludo, creators can distribute and promote their work. In an organized manner, while collectors can narrow their search and find the desired NFT at the right time.

To make the NFT ecosystem more user-friendly,

Ludo is also adding collection tools to crypto showcase NFTs and share them on social media platforms. A collector can include all of his NFTs from different chains in one album. Along with artists and collectors, brands can also leverage the Ludo platform to create new collections. Ludo offers a unique NFT launchpad that incentivizes staking using its native tokens.

In addition to providing high-level functionality with search engines and generators, Ludo also ensures the removal of bad actors involved in wash trading. It will protect investors from any kind of market manipulation and pumping and dumping schemes by recording only legitimate transactions on-chain.

The way forward

Ludo is solving a problem that millions of NFT creators and collectors face every day. We are still in the infancy of NFTs and metaverses, but as the industry grows with more brands and artists entering the ecosystem, the need for a platform that provides the ultimate user experience more will be very high. The only question is how will they help users convert and retain them in the long run.


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